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Kite aerial photography is my latest hobby, and it is a lot of fun for all age groups. I have been flying kites since childhood, and the thrill is still alive today. In the 1970's my hobby was scuba diving in the Atlantic Ocean, on old wreck sites near the shipping lanes of the Delaware Bay. I purchased an 8 ft. delta kite to fly a divers flag and radar reflector over our boat. We dove very close to ship traffic and wanted those people on the bridge to see our small fiberglass rig. The delta did a great job in light winds. It proved to be a great lift platform for the flags and reflector gear. On several occasions I flew the kite in the backyard to test the rigging, which turned out to be fun.The delta is still flying flags from the backyard on special occasions like the 4th of July.

The Internet has opened up a new way to enjoy kites from the backyard. Sites like Charles C. Benton's in Berkeley California and Michael J. Brown are great sources for KAP. I have been using a Olympus AX camera found at a yard sale for my present lift camera. My suspension is a picavet system made of fishing line and a cross made of basswood. I have been tripping the camera with a home made timer circuit found in a Radio Shack book on 555 timers.

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My first shots were taken over my house on Dennis Lane, Crisfield High School and Somerset Avenue are in the top of this photo.
Dennis Lane Picture

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