Philip Lee Goldsborough
Crisfield, Maryland

The first two rows of photographs below were taken over Crisfield, Maryland and surrounding area. Altitude ranges from 100 to 500 feet. Click on thumbnails to view full size images. Some of the images are large, please wait for the download. Kite Photography has a great advantage over shots taken from aircraft. Kites can fly at lower altitude and near populated areas, were planes have to fly 1000 feet over cities. The FAA regulates aircraft as well as kites. Kite flyers are also regulated by FAA rules, but kites in general can fly where planes can not go.
The last three pictures in the third row were taken at the 4th Annual, Maryland International Kite Eposition, April 25, 1999. Ocean City, Maryland USA
The last row of pictures were taken at the Assateague National Seashore Park, Assateague Virginia. A great place to fly a kite and get close to nature.
Baptist Temple Steve Wilson's Home on Jonathan's Addition Crisfield Cemetery, Town of Crisfield, Somers Cove in background Crisfield Town, Little Annemessex River, Tangier Sound in background Crisfield High School, taken severl hundred feet above my house on Dennis Lane Lankford Sands Marsh, Indian Hammock and East Creek in background Little Annemessex River, McCready Hospital, and Amercian Legion Small Boat Harbor, City of Crisfield, Somers Cove in center background Janes Island State Park (alias Old Island) 4th Annual Kite Expo in Ocean City Maryland April 25, 1999 4th Annual Kite Expo in Ocean City Maryland April 25, 1999 4th Annual Kite Expo in Ocean City Maryland April 25, 1999 Assateague Island Beach looking south,Assateague Island Virginia Beach looking north,Assateague Island Virginia  Tom's Cove, Assateague Island Virginia  

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