Stunt kites are a lot of fun to fly. I presently have three types of stunt kites. The Revolution EXP is may latest edition to my collection. It has been a challenge to learn to fly the quad line kites. The Caicos is the hardest to fly because it has no rigid backbone like the Revolution. Two diamond panels hinging on a center shaft give the Caicos the ability to fly omnidirectional . The Rev also flies in all directions giving the operator true control over pitch, roll and yaw although its rigid back make it a better choice for the first time buyer. I strongly recommend stunt kites because they are great for exercise and very entertaining.

The Ocean is a great place to fly stunt kites because of the steady breezes, that will hold the kites very steady. I fly on the Atlantic Ocean at Assateague National Seashore Park. It is a great place to fly. Trees and buildings inland will cause the kites to fly erratic, but if you have know choice pick an open field as far from trees and building as possible. After becoming experienced with delta two line stunt kites like the HP shown on this page, you may want to try flying to music. The background music on this page is a good example of music to fly by. Waltz of the Flowers Peter Tchaikovsky (1840-1898) Stunt kites draw people that like to watch, and are amazed at the control you have over the kite. One must be careful not to hit onlookers. My stunt kites are large and fast, the delta may reach speeds of near 50 MPH in a 20 Mile wind. Another great addition to two line kites is the hollow tails made of plastic that fill with air and become round in flight. I have two tails purchased from Into the Wind. One red 100 feet long and another yellow 50 feet long.
Ventura HP Spectrum two line kite by; Premier Kites, flown with 125 foot Shanti 150 lb. test lines & straps.
Cacois "Double Diamond" Four line kite, flown with 80 foot Spectra lines; by the Carribien kite Co.
Revolution EXP "Sportwing" four line kite, flown with 150 lb. Spectra lines, and stock Aluminum handles
Caicos "Double Diamond"

Revolution EXP Sportwing

Ventura HP

Philip Lee Goldsborough
Crisfield, Maryland

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