Projectile Points

 To the right is an old candy dish found in the old city dump and will make good material for knapping some projectile points. A glass cutter is used to remove several sections of glass from the main piece. The glass in the dish has been exposed to sunlight for many years turning it to a nice amethyst color, also known as "Sun Purple Glass". After cutting a blank of glass with the glass cutter the sides are dulled with a piece of sandstone or old grinding wheel, to give the copper tools a bit on the edge of the glass. Pressure flaking with an Ishi stick will drive flakes over half way across the piece. 

Remember Grandmothers preserving jars

To the left is the bottom of a Mason Jar used in the late 19th century for preserving food. This piece of raw material was found in the same City dump long sense abandoned as open land fills are now illegal. With leather gloves, safety glasses and a hammer stone the jar bottom is bi-faced and reduced in size. Pressure flaking tool are then used to refine the piece into and arrowhead or projectile point shape. The finished point can be used to make jewelry.

The finished point still retains that wonderful greenish blue color. Old glass seems to work better than modern types of glass. I believe that glass shards from the mid to late 19th century are easier to work and pressure flaking takes less effort. An ishi stick was used to start this point and a leather hand pad was used to refine the sides.


The candy dish is starting to shape up nicely. In the background you can see the flaking tools, used to make this piece. This projectile point was later notched with a flat copper punch. The finished point is not shown in the gallery.




Download a PDF file on how to make an arrowhead out of old glass.
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