The official
Maryland State Cat is the Calico

Snowball and Sugar are our two indoor cats. They are brother and sister from a litter born about 1993. Their favorite foods are Chesapeake Bay Rockfish and Maryland Crabmeat, but most of the time they
have to be satisfied with Fancy Feast.
Snowball's best friend is Cpl. James Parkinson of the Crisfield Police Department. Sgt.. Parkinson stops by to see us on occasion. Snowball would like to be a detective feline someday. He doesn't trust any dogs.

Sugar is satisfied with just being a house cat. She is very fond of fish food and always begs for a pinch when ever we feed the tropical fish. The Vet says that a little will not hurt a cat. I think it is just another bad habit myself. Snowball and Sugar live with there owners in Crisfield, Maryland, on the good old Eastern Shore of Maryland, where you can still buy a pound of Scrapple, catch a bushel of Blue crabs and watch the Sun set on the Chesapeake Bay.

Thank you for visiting our site. If you live outside of the State,
we hope you have the Opportunity to visit the State of Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay region. Phil Goldsborough

Last Update: April 2007