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38-01-00 N   75-49-45 W .....................Crisfield, Maryland USA

Unicom 122.8 ....................ELV 4' .........CTAF: 122.8
3 miles North of Crisfield
Free tie downs daytime | Overnight tie down $5.00
Fuel available during business hours, 100 LL

 RNAV (GPS) RWY 32.... APP CRS 322 degrees.   See Flightaware for more information                           

Hours: attended 08:30 -16:30 (may change without notice)  
Traffic pattern turns: 14/32  : Std. left
------------------.06/24 Turf (closed) see Notams for more information  : Std. left
Lights: yes pilot controlled  (5 or 7 clicks)


Turf runway surface maybe soft when wet.  
PAPI  lights on Runways 14/32 (currently out of service) 2 Channel
Airport address:

4748 Jacksonville Road
Crisfield, Maryland 21817

Airport Manager


Phone: 410-968-3062


 Crisfield is located near the center of the Delmarva Peninsula in the heart of what we call Bay Country. The Atlantic Ocean is 28 miles to the east and the Great Chesapeake Bay just a few miles to the west. The Crisfield-Somerset County Airport is a joint venture of Somerset County and the City of Crisfield. We invite you to fly  to the area and try some of our restaurants known through out the Bay area for their fine crab cakes and homemade deserts, like the famous Smith Island small layer chocolate cake.  Maybe you would like to catch one of the boats at the City Docks and take a trip to Smith Island, and spend the night at a Bed & Breakfast. Smith Island is a great place to Bird Watch or take a ride on one of the rental bikes and see the small communities that make up this historical colonial settlement.
 Check out local seafood stores in the Crisfield Area.  Linton's Crab Deck restaurant and wholesale seafood store is less than a mile form the airport. They will pick customers up at the terminal by calling 410-968-0127 or 410-968-3735    Linton's Seafood .
(Please note that we cannot guarantee transportation to and from Crisfield), but many of the local establishment will furnish transportation if you call.  For a complete listing go to 

Check TFR's at FAA web site      Check Notams at FAA web site    NOAA Aviation weather center    Metar Help symbols and legend additional information

Current Weather Conditions:

Tangier Island TGI (KTGI)
AWOS-3 119.8 Tel. 757-891-2246
15.7 miles 225 deg. SSW of W41


20 miles east of W41,  ASOS  119.175

National Weather Service

Memorial for Vincent Jordan

Sky vector weather legend |  Metar definition    | Sky vector


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Photo by Phil Goldsborough | Thanks Mike Suckling

You Tube Videos at W41

Video of a landing left downwind RW14 W41 Dec. 2010 Capt. A.B.Ajello
Video of N3747K on the Hudson, PIC Capt. A.B. Ajello & Phil Goldsborough

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