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American Bluegrass music is alive and well on the Delmarva Peninsula, also known as the Eastern Shore. The name Eastern Shore has its roots in early Maryland history. The earlist colonial records of Maryland indicate that the Peninsula east of the Great Chesapeake Bay was and still is referred to as the Eastern Shore. The fact is that before 1634 this area was a part of the Colony of Virginia, and known as the "Isle of Kent".
The Calverts of Maryland were granted part of the Peninsula by King Charles I of England. William Penn aquired the upper part of the peninsula on the west side of the Delaware River to protect his interest in Pennsylvania. His part became known as the three lower counties of Pennsylvania, later becoming Delaware, the First State in United States of America. So there you have it a short history of why the place is called DELMARVA.

The area is famous for many things, such as Eastern Shore Hospitality, Delmavalous Fryed Chicken, Maryland Blue Crabs, and now Bluegrass Music. Small groups of musicians are showing up at Jamborees all over this Delmarvalous Land. They play and sing the songs they enjoy, and entertain those that follow this American style of music. The instruments have been around since colonial times, and sound good even without amplification.
There are many groups that can be found playing on the Eastern Shore on any given weekend. Some bands are found in the basement of someones home, just to practice and learn new songs. On some occassions there are large gatherings called jamborees. Many who come to these gatherings can not play but follow the cause religously.Some of my favorite bands are list below;

REKINDLED with Larry

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