Crisfield, Maryland

Crisfield Fire Department
Station #2

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Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.

Somerset Co. Station 19002


Something Different
The members of the Crisfield Fire Company No.1 took time out from attending the 1929 Maryland State Fireman's Convention to have this picture taken
The convention was held in Lonaconing, Maryland  on June 6, 1929. See anyone you remember??


Cleaning & Restoring

In the Mid 1960's the company cleaned & restored their 1884 Clapp & Jones Steamer. After which some of the members poised for this picture. We are guessing it was during National Hard Crab Derby?


Hern's Store Fire

In 1974-75 the company was called to a large fire on 4th street, involving The Elk's Lodge, a few homes and Hern's grocery store.


Truck explosion & Fire

In July 11, 1972 the company was called to Tidewater Express shipping company for a explosion & fire. The incident happened with refueling a truck, causing the destruction of two truck & three trailer units.


Parade Time

This photo shows the CFD Band showing off it skills during the Hard Crab Derby Parade, some time around 1969-1974. We Think?



Remembering The Old Days

This picture is of the fire of the Crisfield Post newspaper, Formerly The Hudson Building in down town Crisfield, The Fire was December 30, 1955



We need your help! We are always looking for pictures of the Crisfield Fire Department in action of fire's in the local area. Any one with pictures that we could scan or copy would be dearly appreciated. If you can help contact Dean Goldsborough at Goldsborough's Marine or email us at . Thank you!

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