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"Those who do not learn their History are destine to repeat it"

It All Started With A Ladder & A Bucket!

Take The Train To Help Our Sister City

The Story of Ladder #5

Frozen In Time "The Mother's Day Fire of  1926"

The document to the left was found in Crisfield by Kathy and Greg Cox and donated to the Crisfield, Vol. Fire Company. We greatly appreciate their gift, which shows the officers, members and equipment of CFD in the year of 1921. It is filled with local merchants and individuals that supported the company and apparently helped in publishing this booklet.

It tells of a complicated alert system including steam whistles and sirens located at the Ice Plant (Consumers Ice Company in the southwest part of town).

Click on the document picture to the left to download document to read, or save the contents in a PDF format. (Note: this may take several minutes.)

Thanks to the Cox Family of Crisfield.

Welcome To The Movies

Movie # 1

 Has the Crisfield High School Fire at the very end of it. This Fire was on Ground Hog Day 02-02-72 and is part of a video shot by Life member, past Assistant Chief Kenny Evans!



Special Thanks to The Evans Family for permission of the Video

Movie # 2

This video has a Crisfield Fire Department Controlled burn on a warn summer day in 1966. The department burn 2 old homes on Somerset Ave. The film was shot by a member of the Evans family, and show Asst. Chief Evans along with other department members, also keep a look out for Ladder #5 in service.

Special Thanks to The Evans Family for permission of the Video

Movie #3

"Saving the day" Brother Keith Goldsborough rescuing a swimmer from the Atlantic Ocean with working with Ocean City, Fire, Keith is a EMTP/FFII and a past member of St. 2.

Nice Job Keith




World Fire Fighting History


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