Crisfield Fire Department
Past Chiefs
Being fire chief takes time commitment knowledge and a great ability to deal with the problems that arise in the life of a department. That is why few men with commit to such a task. This page is dedicated to the Crisfield’s Fire Department members who answered the calling and served as our Chiefs


This Plaque is dedicated to our Past Fire Chiefs  Serving as from 1952-1886-2010 & Our current Chief Fankie Pruitt has been serving since 2010
It is mounted in the Main Lobby

This Plaque is dedicated to our longest acting Chief Clinton Dize  Serving as Chief from 1952-1978
It is mounted in the Main Lobby


Chief  Years Served Chief  Years Served
Colonial B Huffy*


John S. Holland*  
C. O. Mills*   Earl N. Sterling*  
Elmar Gandy*   W. Clinton Dize* 1952-1978
Issac T. Powell* Jerry W Hill* 1978-1984
Rupert R. Somers*   Robert P. Goldsborough* 1984-1985
B. Horace Ford*   Fredrick B. Gerald III * 1985-1994
Benjamin S. Mills* W. Danny Tyler 1994-2004
G. Edward Sheriff*   Scott Ward


George R. Stevenson*


William Reynolds


* Deceased

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We are all was in search of information on the gentleman and some have very little said about them. If you have information or a correction for these Brother Fireman please emails us. Thanks