Lorie C. Quinn, Jr.
Louis Goldberg
Charles L. Ward
Isaac T. Powell
Benjamin F. Gibson
Herman Hill
Frederick N. Holland, Jr.
John M. Berger
J. Fletcher Sterling
Grover Lescalette
George W. Daugherty
Fred N. Stevenson
Benjamin S. Mills, Jr.
Vincent P. Bonomo
George W. Davis
Gordon L. Lawson
Raymond K. Woodland
Prentiss W. Evans
Fred N. Holland, Sr.
B. Horace Ford *
Irvin J. Betts
Carlisle Daugherty
Edward L. Justice
William H. Lowe Sr.
Walden C.W. Dize
Aldolph Q. Justice
William H. Byrd, Jr.
Percy J. Marshall, Sr.
Christopher C. Owens Sr.
Rupert R. Somers
Charles C. Spires
John W. Parks, Sr.
Granville T. Evans
Upshur L. Adams
John T. Justice
Reginald E. Wilson, Sr.
Gordon I. Adams
G. Edward Sheriff
Robert H. Riggin
Earl W. Sterling, Sr.
Grover C. Adams, Sr.
Otwell E. Goldsborough, Sr.
Fieldy S. Dize
Harold Poleyette
Hilton M. Dize
W. Clinton Dize
John S. Holland
J. Millard Tawes *
Ralph C. Charnick
W. Clinton Marshall
Joseph Beauchamp
John P. Tawes
Wilbert J. Coulburne
Carlton E. Dize
Ira T. Lowe
Otis W. Harris
Jerry V. Hill
J. C. W. Tawes, Jr.
E. Milbourne Revelle
William F. Howard
William Thomas Walston Jr.
Robert H. Goldsborough
William Sterling
Norman Mister
Davis Horsey
Douglas J. Ward
Harold J. Griffith
Robert H. Bradshaw Sr.
Robert W. "Puckers" Parks
Kenny Evans

The Crisfield Vol. Fire Co. was organized in 1874 and incorporated in 1921. A total of 68 members are deceased. Annual memorial services are held in one of the area churches to honor our deceased members. The roll call above is read during this service by one of the members of our orginization. This year the honor was given to Eugene Mills. The 2003 service was held on April 27th, at the Mariners Methodist Church on Old State Road in Crisfield. This service was conducted by our Company Chaplain Russell Ward.
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Nov. 2006
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Note: J. Millard Tawes was a two term Governor of Maryland.
B. Horace Ford was past President, Maryland State Firemans Association.